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Monday, May 14, 2012

[UPDATE] BadAss Hawk

Ever since my first post on the BadAss Hawk, he has been pissed.  I wanted to follow up with you guys and let you know that he found and killed the Canadian garbage man - turns out he was a Polish camera man.  Here are some shots from before and during the the reckoning:

He always keeps a knife on him.

Unless he's kicking ass.
I can't show you the last picture, it's way to graphic, Google would remove me from the internet.   Hawks are badass creatures, but they're like me and hate bullsh*tters.  Just remember this the next time you go spouting off about something you know nothing about.   

Here is one more epic picture of the hawk kicking ass:

And remember hawks don't just kill deer, they kill whatever the F&*$ they want.


  1. You talk a lot of shit, little man. Are you sure your mom allows you to go online by yourself?


  2. Says the fruit loop who leaves a comment marked anonymous.

  3. Great photo but the plural of deer is deer

    1. Thanks for the catch, I'm sure this blog is riddled with errors.