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Monday, May 21, 2012

Real Men Cook With Fire

For all those men in the kitchen - no one likes a B$*@#.  Stop cooking on the stove and become a real man and start cooking on the grill.  Cavemen didn't cook with fire because they didn't have electricity, they did it because it's badass and delicious. Stove food tastes like garbage. You have never seen stoves that look this kickass:

Tell this guy you don't like his BBQ - He'll kill you.
Another hand gun grill - BadAss.
Seriously just a KickAss BBQ grill chopper.
Just look at it. This guy probably rides around the neighborhood grilling the f*$% out of everything. 
Even mother natur knows grilling is bad ass
If you like cooking in a stove or oven, more than you like cooking on a grill, please get the f*$% off of my blog. After you leave take take a candle lit bubble bath and listen to Justin Bieber and check your man card at the door.

Next week i'll show you how to grill the perfect steak with badass grill marks.  This will be steakhouse style with all the manliest gear.

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