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Friday, May 4, 2012

BadAss Animals Part 1 - BadAss Hawk [VIDEO]

If this isn’t badass, I’m not sure what is.  I hear people asking the question, “Are you a dog person or a cat person?”  I’m a damned hawk with a knife person.  This is the kind of pet that doesn’t let you down.  Even when he’s just sitting there he has a knife!  Seriously though, this hawk doesn’t even need a knife because he has razor sharp talons.  He just carries this thing to let people know he’s a badass that doesn't give a F^$#.  

I'll Cut You!
People obviously don't understand the seriousness of this hawk.  I saw a questioned posed here, "Do hawks kill or hunt deer?"  Of course they do.  How many stupid people live in this world?  In regards to that question, at least six - the guy who asked this question and the other five that answered him with dumb stuff like, "No, a hawk cannot kill a deer" and "Hawks do not prey on deer".  Let's not forget my favorite, "No, hawks don't kill deer, but they might eat one that's already dead" - this jackass listed his sources as, "Observation in the natural world".  This guy is probably a garbage man from Canada and doesn't know know his assh*le from a hole in the ground.  Hawks are not bottom feeding vultures, they are badass killing machines.

After I saw these ridiculous responses, I talked to the hawk.  He was pissed and asked me to film him kicking ass.  This is the result:  

Please think before you speak people.

Stay tuned for BadAss Animals part 2 where we talk about one bad mother F&*$#er


  1. AWESOME!!What country is this and what are the breeds both hawk and deer???

  2. BadAss hawk is the breed, in kickass nation.