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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BadAss Animals Part 2 - Honeybadger [VIDEO]

 WARNING: do not look a honey badger in the eyes or he will turn your ass to stone.
Listen, it's a known fact that honey badger's don't give a f#@%, but did you know they are considered, the "most fearless animal of earth"? I didn't get this information from the Canadian garbage man from my earlier post, BadAss Animals Part1 - BadAss Hawk.  I got this from the Guinness Book of World Records.  Look at this honey badger staring down a lion with NO fear: 
If that were you, your pants would be ruined
The Honey badger is like a Green Beret, it will eat anything to survive.  Sometimes it eats strange sh*t just for fun.  They eat all sorts of stuff like insects, cobras, black mambas, birds, fish, and BABIES.  Yes that's right, BABIES.  Baby crocodiles, wild cats, jackals, foxes and more.  Lets not forget honey, this crazy bastard will go straight into a swarming hive and just start grubbing. I saw this question posed here, "How does the honey badger avoid the dangerous and painful bee stings?" Does this guy think he has a magical force field or something? He doesn't avoid sh*t.  He mans straight through those bees, like the badass honey badger he is and gets that honey.
Get Honey!
So the next time you're stuffing your fat face with pizza roles and drinking ranch dressing, think about the honey badger.  This badass dude doesn't play.  The HB kills and eats stuff that would make you sh*t your pants on a daily bases.  Get off the couch, and take the first step of becoming a badass yourself, read this post and check the bottom graphic. 

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Honey badgers don't care, and neither should you. Get this shirt, "Honey badger don't care".

I leave you with this kickass montage to the honey badger (CAUTION: this video contains ass kicking of cobras, lions and zebras)

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