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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BadAss Grilling with ManGrates - Grill the Right Way

As you know grilling is badass. I appreciate people who try to grill, but there's the right way to grill and a wrong way. The best way to ensure that your grilling the right way is with ManGrates. ManGrate's are American-Made, heavy-duty, cast-iron grill grates, that sit directly on top of your regular grill to give you kickass grilling results.

Mangrates grill grates BBQ the right way

These bad boys evenly distribute the heat, get hot as a mother and allow you to sear your steak to keep all the juices in. Pre-heating the grill to 450 and dropping a steak on the grates will get you perfect grill marks, and a beautiful sizzling sound that is music to your ears. As your steak cooks to perfection, the fat and grease drips down into the "gutters" and gets smoked back into your steak giving you phenomenal flavor.  That's the proper way to grill a steak.
how Grill Grates work grilling perfection
This is how you grill
I have had my ManGrates for a year and a half and they are by far the best grill grates I have ever had.  I get perfect grill marks and the best tasting steaks every time.  Even with a POS grill, you can throw these BadAss grates on top and turn it into a steakhouse level grilling machine.  I wouldn't give my grates up for anything.

Perfect grill makes on a steak
Crispy on the outside, warm and bloody on the inside.
ManGrates is running a special  promo for my readers offering them at a discounted price.  If you're interested in grilling badass steaks with kickass grill marks you can get them here: Grill Right.

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